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 👋🏼 I'm Dani, welcome

As a Product Designer, I align design with business goals and human preferences to deliver value.


Featured Projects

mub bahhhh.png

COP28 Interactive Touch Table

Design thinking and analytical storytelling were used to create a 55-inch interactive touch table for COP28, the world's largest annual climate summit.

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HealthTech Information Architecture

AHIMA's website saw a 72% increase in traction and a 10% decrease in bounce rate after an improved information architecture redesign. 


WEC Energy Onboarding

Designed and improved a new feature onboarding flow for a Midwest energy app, serving over 4.7 million customers.

App Design Mockup 2.png

Fintech Lending Platform 

Stealth-mode project leading to Halo Lending Network launch: managed design, team, and user experience.

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